Freedom Square

An imaginative, tolerant and cosmopolitan city is conceived as a source and foundation of democracy, freedom and open society. The public space of the city is the place where politics should take place, and even when they are conducted in cabinets, firms and telephones, the results can be easily perceived on the streets. The main protectors of the city, alleged as a democratic public space, should be the responsible citizens in solidarity with each other.

Ploshtad Sloboda (Freedom Square) is an activist, theory and art organization formed in 2010 as a reaction to the destruction and altering of public spaces when the project Skopje 2014 was starting to be implemented. In response to nationalist, chauvinistic and ethical aspects of the project, Freedom Square has been organized/ conducted over the years: protests, public gatherings, tribunes, workshops, publications, greenhouse inventories, bicycle tours, election observation, research films… Our work extends (or narrows) to local communities and neighborhoods- Karposh 4, Shtip, Debar Maalo, Ohrid, Gevgelija and others. The continuous research and analysis on topics such as public spaces and managing of these spaces linked the organization with related movements and organizations from the region and Europe.

Ploshtad Sloboda was founded on June 6th 2010 by Damjan Zdravev, Marija Basheska, Sonja Ismail, Nikola Gelevski, Nikola Naumoski, Ivana Dragshich, Pavlina Simonoska, Marko Kabranov, Irena Cvetkovich, Tanja Maleska, Filip Jovanovski, Nada Naumovska and Iva Galevska. Although no longer a member, the organization is the founder of the national association for independent culture “Jadro”, as well as the Regional Platform for Culture “Kooperativa”. So far, Ploshtad Sloboda has collaborated with: FOSM, USAID, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Institute for European Politics, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, City of Skopje etc.